S.C.Packaging have been buying and selling packaging machinery for the last 18 years. We have bought and sold varies thermoforming machinery for a number of years. This is where thermo-pac has been created to deal with our thermoforming machinery. We have  a established and creditable reputation in the packaging machine industry, resulting in a solid base of clients. Our customer base ranges from large Blue Chip Companies to small owner operator businesses. We are based in North West England; however, we are able to provide a service to our clients on a international scale.

At s.c.packaging we have built on an established core experience within the packaging industry to give a sound base, on which to grow a company that can recognise the requirements of the customer in today's highly commercial environment.

S.C.Packaging has vast experience in all branches of thermoforming packaging. The unending search for complete customer satisfaction drives the whole S.C.Packaging Machinery organisation to provide advanced technical systems with the right balance of quality, performance and price. Customer service begins with choosing the right machine and then proceeds to installation, training, technical assistance and supply of spare parts.

The specialty of the company is in applying the right machine for your packaging application and keep you current with the changing nature of today's consumer market.
We look forward to working with you.

The thermo packaging machinery logo is designed to incorporate aspects of the machinery that we sell  the heat required to soften plastic and the cooling of the tooling. Designed to stand out from our crowd the logo build a familiarity with our customers.

We like to hear feed back from our customer on our website and services for constant improvement.

About S.C.Packaging

S.C.Packaging Technology

Deals in packaging machinery filling machinery, cap tighteners, labelling machine from the beginning of a production line to the end of it. Automatic and semiautomatic machinery that meet with the customers requirements.